International Departmental Coordinator-ship works harmoniously with the International Office of Düzce University both in enlarging the scope of Bilateral Agreements, and increasing incoming and outgoing exchange students to foster students' and  staffs' exchanges. Departmental Coordinator gives advisory information and conduct the procedure and let both students(incoming and outgoing) know about the details of the process. Dept. Coordinator helps and advice both students find related subjects taught in English at home and at host institution keeping a tight communication with the Dept. Coordinator of the host (incoming students' institution). Another task of Dept. Coordinator consists of  guiding the incoming and outgoing academics' procedure and enable their contact with both host and home institution's coordinator gathering letter of acceptance or enabling and guiding the academics to get letter of acceptance and signed form of  Staff Teaching/ Training course plans.

Primary aim and task  of the Dept. Coordinator is to promote internationalization in the department.