Legacy of Akçakoca dates back to B.C. 1200. Akçakoca Bey, who is the fellow soldier of the Founder of Ottoman State Osman Bey, is the name father of the town.  With its magnificent history and its nature, Akçakoca situates just in the coast of Black Sea Region. For its offering many historical, cultural and outdoor sporting opportunities; Akçakoca with  the “Pearl of Black Sea” motto hosts international tourists in four seasons. Founded in 1992, our school aims to meet the needs of qualified working force for both academia and private enterprises in tourism. As of university’s primal mission, internationalization is perceived utmost importance by the top administration and staffs of our school. Organizing and participating International conferences, seminars and workshops with our national and international partners; full time international students, exchange students help us alert with the changes in business enterprises and tourism literature. To catch up with the time, curriculum is balanced to the needs of tourism literature and sector. So as to generate new qualified entrepreneurs and academics in tourism; Russian and German Language Courses are taught as second languages. For this aim, our school and staff work harmoniously to actualize "Generating Generations for Next Generations with Value and Merit” motto. We would be more than glad to show Turkish Hospitality to our visitors in Akçakoca. Exchange students with the newly revised updated programs can easily find English courses.